Groundbreaking All-Ages Music Festival BASED is Back at the Button Factory (@based_festival)

On 23rd June, the all-ages music festival BASED will take over the Button Factory for the second time with a fully stacked lineup of up-and-coming acts. In response to the need for more inclusive and accessible music events for the younger generation, this groundbreaking festival is the first of its kind and is designed to provide a platform for young emerging talent in Ireland.


Due to the success of the first run of the festival, this time it will be even bigger with two stages. The festival will showcase a diverse lineup of indie rock acts from around Ireland. Attendees can expect high-end production featuring state-of-the-art lighting and visually stunning effects.


Presented by Fluttertone (who have been championing independent music in Ireland for nearly 10 years), the BASED festival aims to break down barriers and create an inclusive space for music lovers of all ages. Fluttertone director Colm says, “I’ve seen so much talent in bands that are up-and-coming but can’t get opportunities to play because they’re not 18.” Inspired by a passion for nurturing young musical talent, BASED aims to provide a stage for these young artists, as well as address the lack of safe shows for young music fans.


One band to catch on the night is Thanks Mom, an “authentic DIY bedroom band” who’s two well-received albums have made them one to watch. They are joined by the must-see act Garvan Labert, psych-rockers Taiyo, high-energy acts DC Dolls and The Blackpits, the captivating Dopamine, among others.


What: BASED All- ages Music Festival

Where/ when: The Button Factory, 23rd June 2024, 5pm

Lineup: Thanks Mom, Taiyo, The Marks, Dopamine, Bioluminescence,

DC Dolls, Garvan Lambert, The Blackpits, The Swings


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