D-Block Vs. Rocafella


When mentioning the best “beefs” in the post-Biggie/Pac era, people tend to point towards the Canibus/LL, Jay-Z/Nas or 50 Cent/Ja Rule altercations. One battle that is seemingly overlooked was the tooth and nail series of records between State Property and D-Block. While the tension building towards the epic Jay and Nas clash seemed to overshadow this feud, these MCs released numerous mixtape tracks and radio freestyles to one-up the competition. What resulted was one of the most high-quality, sustained beefs on wax we’ve been fortunate enough to witness.

The beef seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember reading an interview in which Jadakiss mentioned he ran Philly. Sigel was quoted in the same interview as adamantly disagreeing with Kiss’ assertion. I read the interview and thought nothing of it. That is, until Jadakiss threw a few lines Sigel’s way: “I’m a show you the reason why I’m the truth for real/ can’t fuck with Kiss, I meanie that/ had to quit eating red meat cuz I ate too many Beanie Macs.” The rest, as they say, is history. Let’s look back at all these back and forths from this underrated battle.

Beanie Sigel – “Kiss Your Name Goodbye”

Beans seemed ready for these jabs because he went full throttle at Kiss with the “Fuck Jada” freestyle over the beat to Kiss’ “Put Ya Hands Up.” Beans gnarls his way through three minutes of insults aimed at Jada. He goes for patented murder raps mixed with insinuations that Styles is Jada’s ghostwriter and even brings up the *gasp* shiny suits. Ouch.

Knockout Punch: “You really think you grimy too/ everybody liked you better in them shiny suits.”

Jadakiss – “Fuck Beanie”

This track seemed to be released as a companion piece with the Sigel diss as they would come out on the same mixtapes. Kiss only goes in for about a minute playing it off as though Sigel was a Jay-Z flunkie, making his money as a lackey. Granted, Kiss was promoting his album, but a response to the Beans track called for a few more bars than was given. Still, Jada gives us some gems in the little time he alots.

Knockout Punch: “I’m stuntin on a Disco beat/ you a fag, ya next rhyme should be on a Sisqo beat.

Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss- “Powerhouse Show in Philly”

Here’s the long story short: There was a big showcase in Philly – Lox was there. Sigel was there. Diddy was there. Jada kicks an acappella freestyle and says “send Sigel a wire, I’m ridin again” and the Philly crowd goes apeshit. The freestyle seemed to not necessarily be written specifically for Beans except for the mention. Sigel, on the other hand, came out guns blazing later in the show when Diddy (still hurting off the “Free Lox” campaign) introduces him to the home crowd. The Broad Street Bully hurls off a bunch of recycled Biggie lines and some gruesome lyrics about Kiss’ mom while throwing the whole LOX crew under the bus and making reference to some sort of “special” relationship between the LOX members.

Knockout Punch: “You a bitch, without the pocket book and the wig/ How you talk that Pac shit, when you rolled with Big?“- Sigel

Freeway – “Listen Up” and “Power 99 Freestyle”

When Kiss said “you can take ya baby gorilla with you/ he dyin’ for free,” it would be only a matter of time before Freeway joined the fray. He was seen as Sigel’s buddy for most of 2001, but Free came through inspired with a track aimed at both Jada and Nas. Freeway only gives Jada the third verse as the song was most directly insulting Nas. The Power 99 freestyle was more focused as Free calls in (with his own hypeman on the line) to give Jada a few bars while throwing the whole LOX crew’s name in the rumble.

Knockout Punch – “Leave Kiss dead in the ocean/ Sheek might get better promotion…”

Young Gunz and Beanie Sigel – “Hot 97 Freestyles”

It seems like the Roc was on Hot 97 enough to have their own show in 2001. This time, they spent their radio time on disses to Nas and D-Block. The Young Gunz decided to hop in on the battle and send some shots while the battle was on everyone’s mind. Beans gave some old bars but it was really Young Chris that shined.

Knockout Punch – “You can’t scream D-Block at the same time connecting with the cops

Sheek and Styles – “Jigga that Nigga” freestyle

Surprisingly quiet up to this point. Styles was obviously chomping at the bit to get everything off his chest, even throwing shots at Mr. Hova himself. This worked to get some of the edge back to D-Block while also substantiating a few claims that he was the stronger LOX member.

Knockout Punch- “All I see when ya niggas throw up ya sign is upside down pussy/ Fuck with me, I’ll leave you upside down, pussy” – Styles

D-Block – “Roc Diss”

Finally, we got a full D-Block track aimed at the Roc. Ehh, not exactly. Sheek and Jae Hood give a bunch of their standard gangsta ish but fail to mention Sigel, Freeway or anyone else in Roc-a-fella. Styles, though, makes sure that no one gets it twisted. From his first lines: “Holiday’s getting on you- fuck Beanie Sigel,” it was evident that this was going to be a scathing track. Styles continues on his rampage, spending a lot of time screaming in a manner that’s surprising to many familiar with the cerebral MC.

Knockout Punch – “How the fuck you the Roc when ya leader is soft?/ How the fuck you the truth?/ When it’s me you wanna be like when you get in the booth?

It wasn’t soon after the rest of the LOX fellas hopped in that the beef subsided. The end to the feud had a lot to do with Sigel’s legal troubles. Kiss decided not to go the Shawty Lo route and diss the man in his trying times. That’s one of the reason this was such a good battle. There were no youtube videos or photoshopping gimmicks. It was just two cliques that wanted to prove who was the best. They are two of the most bona-fide hard ass groups in Hip-Hop yet they respected the history enough to keep everything on wax and come together a few years later. While it lasted, though, the State Property/D-Block series was great action.

You know the drill. Who won? Sound off in the comments.

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