(Review) SMG ft. Snootie Wild – Kitchen


I’ve been waiting to hear a rap anthem that incorporates a “Friday” reference with as much skill as is achieved with the new SMG record “Kitchen” featuring Snootie Wild.  This song is awesome! It’s subject matter and production style root “Kitchen” deeply in the trap music category, and judging by the comfort Southern Minded Gangstaz and Snootie Wild exude during their delivery, it appears they wouldn’t have it any other way.

For starters, “Kitchen” is infectiously catchy, particularly during the double-entendre that makes up the song’s hook, “every time I’m in the kitchen, you up in the kitchen”. The play on words is made possible, in part, by an expertly placed cold opening of John Witherspoon’s lines from “Friday”. The result is a fun and exciting opening to what turns out to be an inventive piece of music.

There’s an element to “Kitchen” featuring Snootie Wild that references the trap pretty heavily and brings into play some familiar trap song elements like the importance of neighborhood respect and the strength of the crew, but the way SMG handles those elements is great to listen to. The dynamism of the rappers’ flow throughout the song, especially at the start of the last verse is a delight and the Big Worm reference later made me want to rewind the track and hear it all again.  I imagine “Kitchen” featuring Snootie Wild would be an awesome song to jam to in a club down south. I’m happy I got the chance to listen to it today.

–          iLikeZach

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